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Camping Gyopár (Edelweiss) is situated near village of Rimetea. The small village consists of about 200 traditional vernacular buildings. Some of them are special interest, such as the oldest rural building in the Carpathian basin, constructed in 1668, and the oldest functioning creek mill in the region. But it is the whole complex of the numerous old buildings, preserving their original character, which give a clear picture of the history of the community as a whole, and which make Rimetea unique.
Rimetea and the nearest Colţeşti are a real ethnical island in this part of Romania, because here lives only Hungarian nationality people.
Tourists can find here the perfect calmness: The rustic environment, the watercourses, the old water-mill, the ruins of Colţeşti castle, the abandoned old iron mines, the tradition and its history, and the rocky mountains around makes Rimetea one of the most attended regions in Transylvanian part of the country.
In our camping site you have the opportunity to install a tent or to rent a bungalow. For bungalows and campers with tent belong 3 plumbings with constant hot and cold water.
With tent we can receive 30 people. The tent places are grassy and well-looked-after.
On the landscaped site guests are disposing with two garden pavilions, parking places, dining room for 40 people, swing, garden furniture, and grill. For our young guests is available a playground with basketball backboard and slide.
From Gyopár you can start in any direction, you will see a lot of lions of the region. With car this is only 20 minutes from the Turda-Canyon (the most famous canyon in Transylvania with 200 meters high rocks around), 40 minutes from the city of Cluj-Napoca. City of Aiud, Alba Iulia, Tg. Mureş are also places witch are worthy to visit.

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