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Camping Valea Beiului

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Banat / Caras-Severin / Sasca Montană

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From Potoc village, go on the 517K road. At the Beius Bridge, where tunnels begin (right to the bridge), usually a 5 lei fee is paid for entering the reservation.
After the bridge it turns to the left on the banks of the river Beusnita. On the way to camping, there are also more difficult (hard and / or narrow) portions of the road, but doable with a small car. Passes past the Vaioaga waterfall and after a dark forest, a small reservoir is visible on the right. Immediately afterwards, a clearing opens where the camping site is on the right. The tents are mounted inside the enclosed space and the cars are parked in the specially arranged place. There are several fireplaces. In the old days there was also a pavilion (only the cement platform is visible). Three to four ecological toilets are mounted on the side of the river.
Camping in Anina Mountains.

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