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Transilvania / Harghita / Sub Cetate

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Pension Zetavár is located 17 km from Odorheiu Secuiesc in Subcetate, in the village of Zetea. At the edge of the village at the top of the Deság (818m), the ruins of a very ancient fortress, which - according to the legend - was Zete's (Zeta) fortress, can be seen opposite the hostel. This is where the name of the pension comes from.

Services offered:
Renting a bicycle 5 Euros a day, with wood heating, bathing in Târnava Mare 4 euro / person; & quot; Squash & quot; (the price, the understanding, the time, etc.); the neat football club is available to teams of 2x6 members, after the game you can wash yourselves,
free, small at barbecue, goulash, sausage cake in the courtyard: basketball, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, football, badminton, darts, csocso, kayak on Târnava Mare, or Zetea dam; a boat of 6 people, which you can use on Zetea Dam, the hunting of the hay, the milking of the cows in the local households, the piging of the pig (stabbing, roasting, washing, processing), in the oven roasting the cream with the cream, the stalk , with the possibility to taste the cheese and the cheese;
camping, the tent is 2 euro / night / person
campfire \ ntrambulina \ scouting \ horse \ horse drawn sled \ the bear 's nesting in its natural habitat
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