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Dobrogea / Tulcea / Sarichioi

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Sarichioi is a village in Tulcea county, Romania. In the village, near the church, but situated on the shore of Lake Razim / Razelm, there is a camping. Camping Zorile Albe. Tent space, shade, beautiful, clean, welcoming hosts, reasonable price for camping.

Camping White Zorile (both tents and caravans) located on the shores of Lake Razelm, 14 km from Babadag and 29 km from Tulcea. Fish meal menu; Fish borscht, salad fillet, fish brine, sausage or fried caraway. The company has 6 traditional camping camps. The White Dawn has its own parking lot, pontoon, jetty and inclined plan for launching boats. You can fish or hunt almost all year round.

You can bring yola, or your own raft. You can climb the bike to get to Heracleea or Enisala. You can take a boat ride aboard.

Tourist has 24/7 hot water, refrigerator, stove, barbecue, TV, pleasure boats, boat ride in the delta on Lipovnian canal and other routes from the delta.

The camping tent of the 400m square lawn tent. The access road is very easy to find, from the main road in Sarichoi, on the Babadag-Agighiol road, in the center of the town, straight on the road leading to Lake La nenea Iasca.

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