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Complex Hanul Margine

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Maramures / Maramures / Ocna Șugatag

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Located on the shore of the lake, formed by the collapse of Ocna Sugatag's most famous Austro-Hungarian saline, which swallowed up human souls with it, despite the fact that despite its fate, more authentic Maramures style called "Hanul Margine".


- outdoor pool heated with salt water
- 2 indoor pools with hot salty water
- salty hot water
- Mud baths
- Massage room
- Steam sauna
- Own restaurant
- Terrace
- Private fishing lake (carp and salau) fee 25ron / day, accumulation fishing-4kg
- Parking: 50 places
- Camping: 200 tents with the associated facilities: water and picnic grills showers and toilet
- Private pleasure lake equipped with skyjett and hydrocycles in the photo source picture gallery camping (tent camp):

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