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La Bunicu - Rural Escape & BIO Resort

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Banat / Timis / Sălciua Nouă

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Rural Escape & BIO Resort (La Bunicu)\call ahead for reservation: 0744 144 807 Raul & Ionela administrators

Rural Escape: the BIO and relaxing experience of the most ozonized air in Timis county, you are in the orchard on the hill in the middle of the forest, BIO certified, with a heated, illuminated pool (we recommend) the experience of the play of lights, drilled water 80 m, salted, filtered. A location with a wonderful vibe and view that also offers accommodation, animal farm, ATVs, bicycles, hammocks, rocking chairs, canopies, trampoline, organic products. It is a great experience to walk on the more than 100 km of trails through the forests and on the surrounding hills!

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