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Oltenia / Gorj / Bumbești-Jiu

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The Chitu campsite is located in the Jiu Gorge National Park, on the left bank of the Jiu in the Babii-Lainici Girl area, from Bumbesti-Jiu locality, Gorj county, at about 650 m from DN 66 (45 ° 16 & # 039; 7.62 & quot ; N 23 ° 23 & # 039; 21.95 & quot; E).

Poiana offers a beautiful view of the steep slopes of the Braic Ridge and the Lainicilor Sphinx nature reserve.

Facilities: fireplaces, picnic furniture

Possibilities: hiking, recreational fishing, rafting
Lainici Monastery, the thematic route "Jiu Gorge and its Treasures", the thematic route "The Sphinx of the Lainics" (info and track -visit / routes ), Locurele hermitage and Poiana Pusnicului, General Dragalina monument, Stancile Rafaila nature reserve

Visitors must respect the rules of visiting and encourage a behavior favorable to the conservation and protection of natural capital.

Rate camping: 15 lei / tent
Visiting rate: 5 lei / person

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