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The Camping Plate at Saint Ana is in the nature reserve Natura 2000 Lake Saint Ana - Tinos Mohos, as a result of which an access fee is paid. The campsite is located on the entry plateau of Mohos Tinov Reserve and is a 15-minute walk from St. Ana's Lake. In the area you can take many routes. There are wooden toilets on the woods, but the conditions are disappointing. There is also a WC with a taxi of 3 Ron nearby.
There is also a 24-hour car park in the area.

St. Ana Lake is at an altitude of 946 m and is the only volcanic lake in Romania. It is situated in the Ciomatu Massif in Harghita County, near the Tusnad resort. The lake is situated at the bottom of the crater of a quenched volcano, called Ciomatu Mare, from the Puciosu volcanic massif.

Thin Mohoş is a swamp formed in a volcanic crater of the Ciomatu Massif. To visit the Tinos Mohoş reservation, the tax is 5 ron and it is guided starting at 10 o'clock, every two hours until 18 o'clock. The ticket price is 5 lei.

Beat Care at Lake St. Camp Camping Area. In one camping night I saw 3 bears! Unfortunately, they are very accustomed to man and are very close. DO NOT leave food in the tent in any form! If we are still in the bear field, let's not forget to respect them!

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