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Pădurea Smarandei Camping

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Muntenia / Dambovita / Sultanu

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We created this campsite, out of the desire to feel other people, what we feel, since 2021, after we ran away from the crowd of the big city and moved to the Subcarpathians.
The clean air, the singing of the birds, the natural local food and the forest that is only 20 meters from our camp, are the batteries that will charge your energy level, when you return to the city.
120 km from Bucharest, about 1h 30', 80 from Brașov and 20 km from Breaza and Pucioasa, our village has a superb view of the Subcarpathian hills full of oaks, beeches, ash trees and hazelnuts.
We guarantee you a special connection with nature, through the trails you can do here!

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