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As you go on DN22 national road, from Buzau to Braila, you can find Balta Alba. The landscape is very different from that of the neighboring localities, being dominated by a stretch of water that gave the name of this settlement. The locals say that the white water called the White Balt would have a deeper "black gold" than the oil and the real gold. It is a special mud with indisputable therapeutical qualities that makes true miracles in the treatment of diseases such as rheumatic, nervous, dermatological and gynecological system.
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The main attractions of the commune The White Balta for tourists from the country and abroad are:
- Balta Alba spa resort. The resort is located at 30 m altitude, on the shores of Lake Balta Alba. Due to the numerous springs with mineral waters here (known since 1847), the resort is recommended for the treatment of rheumatic, neurological, peripheral, gynecological and dermatological diseases. Lake Balta Alba, recognized for mud with sapropelic properties with therapeutic effect -rheumatism; the lake has an area of ​​1,167 ha and is declared a natural reserve. The lake was renowned at the end of the last century, rivaling with the famous marshes of Mangalia and Techirghiol.

- The Amara pond, with an area of ​​814 ha, with a vegetation similar to that of the Danube Delta.

- The twin moves, necropolis type, funerary discovery in the migration era, sec. III-IV, located on Balta Alba - Amara roadway

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